Friday, November 20, 2009

"Dating in the Dark"

Where is the cast that we read about but never got to watch a single episode? “Dating in the Dark” should be done with the lights on if cast members want to pull out during the making of the show. Should we believe that two people could actually fall in love without ever seeing each other? Can we get the inside scoop on the cast member that pulled out and had to obtain a lawyer so all the juicy details of her "Dating in the Dark" personal encounters were not aired in America's living rooms? Is it true that if we were overseas we could watch all these episodes that never aired here? The Danish must not think that having a legal battle to stop air of the show is reason to pull the show. One Danish T.V. station is in negotiations with some of the cast to air the show to the Danish viewers. Reality Shows are popular and almost every Major Network has one or has attempted to air a season to see if the viewers are interested in watching single men and women try to find a mate. It must be that America knows how hard dating and single life is because these Reality Shows are the lowest on the totem pole. It's sad that the cast that had a chance at higher ratings never made it on our televisions screens. If the shows producers thought up a brilliant plot for a show that in reality brought two people together for a love connection then they have a two thumbs up for my vote, but is this what happened? Or did it make the cast members have all out brawls and feuds before they even stood before one another? Was it the producers intentions to get couples to hit it off by phone, email, text and other means of communications without ever seeing each other but when the time came closer to meet, the producers made sure to add fuel to the fire and get them at each others throats? Let us know about the cast members that we never got to see? Give us some inside scoop that we are interested in and not have us wishing we were the Danish. We need more info on the cast, like full names or locations so we can find out more about them on our own. Is Maceo Merritt still "Dating in the Dark" with Lavada Jackson? Is Temujen Johnson still "Dating in the Dark" with Coco Quidachay? Is Tyrell Swedberg still in the dark with Dawn Richins? Is Lavada Jackson the School Principal? Is Maceo Merritt the retired Captain? Is Temujen Johnson a Navy Officer? Is Coco Quidachay a Substitute Teacher? Let us know something about this cast, you can't leave us in suspense until the next season because that would never come. Let us in on the cast we all want to know